Welcome to the silent house party

3 leading UK youth festivals, 1 pop-up house and over 50 fake deaths = a summer brand activation to tell your mates about!

How do you convince drunk teenagers in a field that first aid is a festival essential and not just a nice-to-know? We decided to play them at their own game, and rather than create a brand activation that was all about the client, we created an activation that would add value to their festival experience.

In the middle of a field we built a pop-up house, complete with living room, kitchen and even a front door. As festivalgoers entered, they received a pair of headphones to take part in a silent house party. However, fifteen minutes in things took a turn for the worse, as a seemingly random member of the public collapsed. One individual had received a special headset and was receiving secret instructions on how to help the collapsed person.

To everybody else, this was real first aid in action. On completion of the first aid all TVs in the set switched to a 30-second promo about the campaign. This activation was highly commended at The Drum Marketing Awards 2012 and a finalist in the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012.