Every teenager’s dream and every parent’s worst nightmare!

1 house, 150 partygoers, Radio 1 and millions of Facebook users = one hell of a houseparty.

In July 2012, Force-7 executed a Facebook first. For one night only we hosted an interactive houseparty where online users got to change the story of the night out as it unfolded. From setting secret tasks to taking control of the music; our online audience made the event a night to remember for all our physical partygoers in the house at a secret UK location.

The combination of a strong social media campaign and support from Radio 1 resulted in 2.6million individuals reached by the event and more people “talking about it” on Facebook than were talking about Eastenders that night!

Ultimately at the end of the night our online community were given the choice to save a partygoer with basic first aid; and with 4 votes to spare they made the right choice.