Keeping the party alive on YouTube

The interactive house party was a huge success, but we had to encourage young people to carry on spreading the word. We did this with a series of first aid videos on YouTube, including one advert (454k hits) and three YouTube celebrity collaborations.

Traffic was driven to the main advert through the use of seeding, video-on-demand and Facebook activity. Meanwhile, a new and widely followed generation of content creators and broadcasters with a strong appeal to the youth market were recruited through ChannelFlip, aiding campaign virality. These included videos by YouTube stars MarcusButlerTV (360k views), KickThePJ (376k views) and danisnotonfire (an incredible 1.2m views).

These much-loved YouTube characters help to point young viewers toward the main advert, which uses a split screen to show a single emergency situation with two very circumstances: one with first aid knowledge, one without. The outcomes couldn’t be more different.