Can you make breastfeeding appealing to 18-24 year old mums?

Breastfeeding is a hard sell to any new parent at the best of times. So when the NHS challenged us to come up with a campaign that would increase rates amongst younger parents, we knew we’d have to think outside the box.

Research once again played a pivotal role, following a true social marketing approach we co-created a campaign that was built on a strong barrier exchange model and really focused on the best mechanisms to achieve behaviour change.

iBreastfeed was born, an integrated myth-busting campaign with digital communications at its heart. Everything from the wording to the imagery was developed with a team of young parents and many even featured in our online video content, which now has in excess of 5million hits on YouTube.

The campaign effectively increased breastfeeding initiates amongst the target demographic by a staggering 10%, after 16 years where standard progression was 1%. This clearly illustrates how research-driven social marketing can really make a difference.