Taking a world-class theatre company onto the digital stage

Kneehigh are known all over the world for their forward-thinking physical theatre, their creative productions and their pop-up Asylum structure. However, at the start of 2012 they had a website that did not reflect their leading position in the arts and culture sector.

Working alongside their marketing and membership team, we closely aligned ourselves with Artistic Director Emma Rice. We translated a brief that was summarised in her statement that “To be truly global, you have to retain your local identity”.

From these Cornish roots we shaped a stylish and contemporary website that focuses on the raw elements of Cornwall, from the crashing waves to the dynamic cliffs, combined with natural photography of their creative spaces (i.e. The Barns).

Behind the site is a purpose built CMS that gives the theatre flexibility to grow and adapt over time. We even threw in mobile optimisation.