Getting It On! in South West London

YFollowing a detailed piece of insight work to understand the sexual characteristics of 16-20 year olds in South West London, the Force-7 team were tasked with creating an on-the-ground activation that would get young people talking about sex.

The focus of the activation was to break down barriers to talking about sex with friends and peers, particularly in an education setting. As a secondary objective, along with a social media campaign, the events were to drive traffic to the website "Getting It On!" - an information portal for local sexual health services.

Our solution was to build a 3.5m by 1.5m pop-up "peep show" booth.

The booth used seemingly sexual images to draw College students in behind a purple curtain. Inside, it was revealed that these images (when zoomed out) were in fact focused on the consequences of sex. What looked like a bum cheek, was in fact two pregnant bumps pressed together.

Using built in interactive technology within the booth and shocking quotes from the insight - we stimulated conversation amongst friends visiting the activation. Giving them an excuse to talk about sex with their peers.