How do you take loyal 11 year olds forward with your brand?

PDSA, the UK’s leading veterinary charity, had a dedicated bunch of Pet Protectors but wanted to find a way of keeping them engaged as they grew into fully-fledged teenagers… and so PettyCash was born.

Force-7 undertook extensive national research, speaking to over 3,300 young people in a quest to understand which activities and communications would really engage them in the ethos of a brand such as PDSA.

The research led to a phase of product development, again conducted in-house by the Force-7 team. After co-creating and exploring five potential routes to this audience, testing them extensively and developing a business case for each, PettyCash became the solution.

This new brand represents a series of relevant fundraising challenges aimed at the 13-15 year old market and has proved very successful since its launch.