Start something in renewables

The Young Enterprise masterclass had the goal of inspiring and informing young people who wished to shape their futures around the renewable energy sector.

Force-7 designed it to be clean, green and appealing to the teen, covering everything from promotional planning to building a wind turbine out of elastic bands and paperclips. With language, voice, presentation and textual pace specially devised to keep the student motivated, eager to excel in each session and then progress to the next.

Inspiring over 300,000 young people aged 4 to 25 every single year, and with the support of over 3,500 businesses and 5,000 schools, colleges and universities, Young Enterprise are the UK’s leading enterprise education charity. They received materials from Force-7 that would engage, inform and inspire, and a sizeable number of renewable energy professionals of the future will have already set foot on their career path as a result.